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McMurray Wall

Thatched Cottage
English Garden by Marilyn McMurray
Autumn Forest Waterfall
Fantasy Farm
Country Home by Marilyn McMurray
Fresh Field-Poppies
Three Pears 1  Three Pears 2  Three Pears 3

Color Pop-Sunflowers Sunny day- Sunflowers
A Perfect Vintage by Marilyn McMurrayA Good Year by Marilyn McMurray
French Chateau by Marilyn McMurray
French Castle 1
French castle 2 by Marilyn McMurray
Deep In The Night by Marilyn McMurray


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About the Artist
Marilyn McMurray – Creativity has been my motivation and passion throughout my life.  It started as a young person with music and continued as a college student. Then it became a passion for teaching.  Every day with Students was a challenge to understand how to help learning happen.  That was the motivation for returning to college for another degree so that I could work with students who needed more.
It challenged me in so many ways to look for what would work in order to cause success to happen.  Painting has been the same for me.  The passion has not stopped. I still want to learn and find that every painting and every student and every class brings another insight. Using several mediums and several surfaces just continues the unexpected results that I enjoy.  Creativity still motivates.

Marilyn McMurray