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Click image for video  Visit Paul on Facebook Paul is an Artist/Storyteller/Writer. His roots are in the country.  In the fields of his parent’s farm, nestled among the foothills of the Oregon Cascades, he learned the pride of hard work and practical wisdom.
Along the wooded ridges bordering those fields and hedgerows that run through them, he soaked in the poetry of nature. in young adulthood, the timbered mountains pulled him into a life as a timber man. There, he satisfied the physical need and the mental urge to “push the edge.”Country Living by Paul ToewsMeadow Aglow by Paul Toews
Yet, the mystique of nature was a force that drove his creativity, compelling him to express himself more and more. His focus became visual art and story-telling.   Because of his leadership qualities, he often spoke at town meetings, schools, churches, etc… Script writing, acting poetry and character re-enactments were intertwined for various events.Baskett Slough by Paul ToewsSolitary Man's Land by Paul Toews

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Light on the Wing by Paul Toews

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20 years of community programs of which he often initiated, hosted or performed in, as well as promoting the lost art of story-telling.  His greatest influence as nature itself. His parents wisely recognized it’s positive influence allowing him to spend time alone, sometimes overnight in the wooded ridges that were his real classroom and playground.

There, already in his early teens, he tasted the soul food of dark nights and the glow of dawn, the pelt of rain against his face or warmth of the sun.Lonesome by Paul Toews Terrain-My Jefferson

There was a turning point for him after he had a “close call” in the woods.  Since then, his creative spirit has opened to a wide array of expression in teaching, public speaking, painting and writing. When he speaks. he speaks as an artist/poet and as a woodsman, because that’s who he is.  “In the case of finding ones own creative greatness, we must go to the core of who we are as humans,” he says.  “Everyone is creative. To be human is to be creative in a very profound way.  Within us lie the same lines that make up, the universe.”Squall Over Detroit by Paul Toews    Feeding the Family by Paul Toews
Currently, Paul is performing in various community endeavors, poetry readings , story-telling events and local radio performances. He is teaching art to several age groups while showing his artwork in his studio and other venues including the Bush Barn, Art Media in Salem, Elsinore Gallery, Gardens Gallery in Corvallis and Soda Creek Gallery in Sisters. He has owned and operated the Art Gone Wild Gallery/studio for eight years, where he holds public events for the community.
Paul Toews is a true artist and he enjoys bringing out the artist in others…whether it be in their own creations or simply in their minds.

He creates an atmosphere where a love of the natural world and the natural heart come together.  He recently performed in a conference in San Antonio, Texas, where he recreated a connection with the Alamo and it’s historical emotions to bring it to life in the hearts of his audience.

The conference coordinator said, “We have never seem anything like this in over 20 years of conventions here. Unique, unusual, and truly one of a kind.”Paul Toews comes from the “Woods to your conference.”Abundance detail

Painted Hills by Paul Toews

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