Art of Ted Gaty


I have come to art later in life, and as a result I find my guidance in what I make to come from the many experiences of my life and for a need to find spiritual nourishment. In a process not fully conscience I just come up with ideas and the desire to transform these visions into reality. It’s a magical process really, and the hours spent in the “throes” of creative inspiration are definitely some of the most pleasurable I have ever had. The resulting artwork, therefore, derives totally from whom I am and where I have been.

My artwork often emphasizes color and texture because I love color and texture. My forms and designs are often simple because I like to distill the simple from the complex. Recently I have done a few pieces collaboratively, a process I would have viewed negatively in the past as I enjoy working alone with only my internal muse to guide me. However, the collaborative process has proved to be not only fun but quite creative as my ideas are pulled into different, unexpected directions taking the art piece into places I would not have gone on my own.


If I can claim some overriding aesthetic influence it would be from Japanese artists, and the Impressionist painters. I love the way some Japanese artists can capture so much beauty and elegance in a single brush stroke, and at the same time hint that behind that brushstroke lies an entire order of which we only see the surface. The Impressionists, well they loved color and the “Joie de Vivre”, what’s not to like about that.

Since I started my art “career” so late in life, I had neither an early nor middle stage in its development. So now my only hope is that I can live long enough to exhaust all the creative ideas and energy I feel bubbling out of me.

From Farm to Forest #4
From Farm to Forest
From Farm to Forest #2
From Farm to Forest #3
Tablets of Time
Burl #1
Burl # 2
Burl #3

Here’s a link to a previous showing we held for Ted at the Gallery -June 2016  VIDEO