Corporate Art & Framing

Although the gallery has primarily established itself as a retail gallery/frame shop, we offer local businesses great products and services through our corporate art and framing division.
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Plus this new brochure on “Printing in the Digital Age”
wizard1The “Wizard”  We feature the “Wizard” automated mat cutting system (CMC), which can create beautiful custom matting at a fraction of the cost of hand-cut design mats. We can create custom collages, round and oval opening mats. You can alsochoose from over 300 clip-art designs and lettering to add to your matting design. Click on the image to the right for a brief clip of the Wizard in action.



We are proud to feature an interactive design feature offered by Larson-Juhl called the FRAMING STUDIO. By clicking on the graphic below, you will be able to upload an image, choose the color / size of mats and the frame from any Larson-Juhl products. This will not give you pricing but you can preview your finished artwork, print it and even send it to us at the gallery.

Framing Request

Use this form to request information on options and pricing for your framing project.