Design Page

Featuring the Framing Studio, an interactive design tool from Larson-Juhl that you can use to:

  1. Submit your artwork selection for viewing

  2. Select Sizing for your framing project.

  3. Select possible matting and framing combinations from Larson-Juhl’s collection.

  4. Submit your finished design to the gallery for pricing and final design.


Click to enter the Larson Juhl Design Studio











For our Super Value Framing page go hereSuper Value Framing Sign final
For our Frame It Fast Readymade Page go hereFrame it Fast Sign final
For our Super Value Metal Frames, go heresvmetals

Click here for our Framing Brochureimg044
Or use the following form to submit your project idea for an estimate:

Framing Request

Use this form to request information on options and pricing for your framing project.