Featured Artists Program

Featured Artist Showcase
Part of the 2016 re-formatting of the gallery included the addition of our featured artists showcase.  The showcase features 2-3 month rotating consignments of original work from local artists in the main gallery portion of the store.
Local artists have two options for getting involved in the showcase, ranging from 2 to 3 months and 10-20 artworks. The gallery can accommodate about 15 artists per term.

There are two consignment options available to our participating artists:
Standard 2-month consignment
Here is a Synopsis of the Standard 2 month program:
Option 1: Standard Consignment – Artists may consign up to 12 original artworks(size dependent) for a two- month term at the normal consignment rate of 40% with no up-front cost. Artists will be expected to be present during the opening reception for their prospective showcase and to promote the showcase through their own websites, client lists and social media. 
 In addition, the artists are encouraged to rotate new artworks into the showcase during the two- month consignment period.
HERE is the consignment agreement for this program

Co-Op- 3 month program
Option 2: “Co-op” consignment– Artists may consign up to 20 original artworks (Size dependent) for a 3 month term including a pre-paid $50 “co-op fee” and a reduced consignment rate of 20%. Read More…
Featured Artist Paul Toews Frederick/McGuire 
In General
The gallery accepts up to 10 artists per consignment period for this program. Artists will be accepted into the program by approval of the gallery manager/owners. Artwork will be accompanied by individual artist biographies.  New art submissions will be published on the gallery website/social media with the artists’ information and any available photos.  
Introductions of new art and artists in the program will coincide with the scheduled receptions for the monthly featured showings.This program is open to artists of all media and themes, although the gallery reserves the right to discern entries on the basis of appropriate subject matter and finished quality of the consigned items.  All consigned artwork must be adequately framed/presented and ready to hang with the title,retail price & artist information clearly listed on the back of each piece.
Supporting the local arts scene has been a long-standing tradition at the gallery and this new program, in conjunction with the monthly featured showings, will provide a much better showcase for Northwest artists. Here’s a printable pdf document about the program: featured artist consignments
If you are an artist and are interested in participating in this new program, contact Brent Allen @ elsinoregallery@outlook.com. Digital submissions of artwork are preferred for consideration.
To view our current Featured Artists’ Gallery, Click HERE





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