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Paul Toews 1  Works on wood by Toews
Multi-media artwork by Paul Toews Click to open artist’s page

What is the Featured Artist Showcase?

Part of the re-formatting of the gallery in 2016 included the addition of the featured artists showcase.  This display is featured in the main gallery alongside our monthly changing shows in Gallery 444.

Wildlife Art by Rod Frederick  Frederick/McGuire
Art of Rod Frederick & Gary Mcguire Click to open artists’ pages

The showcase features 3-month rotating consignments of original work from up to 10 local and Northwest artists. Artists’ work varies in theme and media and includes up to 10 originals per artist. It’s a great way for artists who may not have enough work available for the larger commitment of a solo showing.

McMurray & Toms Art  Graham Toms
Marilyn McMurray & Graham Toms

This new program is open to artists of all media and themes although the gallery reserves the right to discern entries on the basis of appropriate subject matter and finished quality of the consigned items. Supporting the local arts scene has been a long-standing tradition at the gallery and this new program, in conjunction with the monthly featured showings, will provide a much better showcase for Northwest artists.

Appleby/McMurray art  Appleby art
Susan Appleby & Marilyn McMurray


Go to our Featured Artist Showcase page or click here for a printable pdf document about the program:  If you are an artist and are interested in participating in this new program, contact Brent Allen @ elsinoregallery@outlook.com. Digital submissions of artwork are preferred for consideration.Our goal with this effort is to fill the MAIN GALLERY with original artwork by the end of 2017.

Art of Susan Bourdet
Susan Bourdet Click to open artists’ page