On-line Consignment Gallery

Consignment Gallery Program:

For years, customers have been contacting us about how to sell artwork that they no longer need or have inherited. Sometimes, it’s a matter of changing taste or décor that motivates people to sell.
Whatever the reason, collectors need a reliable, simple & safe way to market their artwork. In-store consignments can cost you 50-60% of the selling price depending on which gallery you choose.
Craigslist, E-bay, Etsy and other sites are great places to try and market these artworks. But these require the seller to make most or all of the arrangements for pricing,  packaging and shipping of the artwork.
If the seller doesn’t have a Visa terminal or pay-pal account, it is difficult for them to process these sales.
Not to mention that fact that some of these listings result in having to entertain “low-ball’ offers and require you to invite people you don’t know into your home or business.
In many cases, collectors don’t have current pricing information on the artwork, especially if they’ve inherited the collection or purchased it from auction houses.
We have taken a lot of the mess out of trying to sell your artwork by providing an online consignment gallery on our website. As a gallery with an over 30 year history, we have the resources to help you find accurate and current information on pricing for your prints.
For original artwork or vintage pieces, we have local consultants who can also help at additional cost.
You can also visit our Appraisors’ page on the website for direct links to qualified appraisors in our area.
For a small setup fee of just $10, we will list your artwork at a fraction of the normal gallery consignment rate. The listings are there until the items sell, so you don’t have to maintain or update your list. You keep the artwork in your possession and the best part is that you don’t even have to transport the artwork until the sales are final.
We will call you when your items sell or if we have an interested party or offer.  We handle the transactions for you and make whatever packaging and shipping arrangements are needed.


• You get to have your artwork listed on a qualified retail gallery site.
• No maintenance required to retain your listing as in Craigslist or E-bay stores.
• You avoid the usual 50-60% consignment rates for In-store consignments.
• You don’t have to field numerous phone calls and “low-ball” offers on you artwork.
• We contact the customer and make purchase arrangements through Check/Cash(No fees,)Credit Card or Paypal.
• Customers contact us and we, in turn we call you to make delivery arrangements to the gallery. You maintain your anonymity as the seller and avoid the issues of insurance for your artwork as in traditional consignment arrangements.
• No need to bring artwork to gallery until it sells and no-one coming to your home to buy it from you.
• We handle the packaging and shipping as needed.

• Any original artwork, limited edition or collectible prints and sculpture that the gallery deems suitable for display on their public website.
• Any Artwork for which a current, accurate and/or agreeable price can be determined at the time of the consignment. Artworks under $100 or over $2,000 may require special contract arrangements.
• Although this program doesn’t exclude open editions or decorative items/crafts, the retail value of this type of item may not be appropriate for listing given the applicable fees and consignment costs involved.  
Email the gallery tofind out more about this

$10 initial listing fee per item– (For processing photos of your item & listing on our website). Items remain on the website until sold or until you decide to alter or end your consignment. No renewal or relisting fees or additional storefront setup fees.
• Each listing must include the title, artist and type of artwork (original, print, etc.) pertinent to the artwork.
• Each listing must be accompanied by a signed consignment form (up to five artworks may be listed on the form), and publishable digitally submitted photo (Acceptable formats for pictures: JPG, TIFF or PSD files). Photos can be sent to our main gallery e-mail as attachments. We can scan printed photos at an additional fee.
Click HERE for a printable consignment form

Pricing Info:
Each listing will include a negotiated retail sales price along with any “make an offer” pricing that is acceptable to the seller.
20% Sales Commission + any applicable payment processing fees on each item sold.A savings of up to 30% OFF regular gallery consignment prices.
• We contact the customer and make purchase arrangements through Check/Cash (No fees,) Credit Card or Paypal (3.5% FEE).
• Payments are remitted to sellers within 4 business days of sale.