Along Rae’s Creek-Augusta by Larry Dyke

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Along Rae’s Creek is another of Larry Dyke’s famous golf landscapes featuring the 13th Green at Augusta National(Just around the “Amen Corner”). The print is limited to 1,520 prints and measures 34″ x 17.” Framed as shown for $475, now only $250 + shipping and handling.  Please call the gallery to order this item.   Note: Unframed prints are also available

Larry Dyke has devoted his life’s work to the interpretation of the beauty he beholds in nature. His success as one of America’s most loved artists is proof of his distinctive ability to create a scene, which captivates the imagination of the viewer. Dyke’s genius lies in his construction of intricate settings that even the novice art lover can appreciate.

His inspiration and subject matter are fueled by frequent travels to the most scenic views in America, often accompanied by his wife and daughter. In the fall, he travels from his home near Houston to hardwood country Vermont, upstate New York and Tennessee. Over the summer, he may head west to California or Colorado. Some of his scenes appear almost photographic, due to his exquisite attention to detail, while still retaining an artistic interpretation of the landscape. Dyke begins a piece with a composed sketch on a prepared hardboard surface; it is then refined until it takes his unique perspective.

His deep personal belief in Christianity is the driving force, which guides Larry Dyke’s life and work. In his paintings, Dyke captures not only the physical beauty of the great outdoors but also the spiritual sense of perfection he views as the handiwork of God’s creation.

A Native Texan, Dyke began painting professionally in 1976. His first Lithographs were released two years later and today he has produced more that 100 limited editions and a number of open edition prints. Many of these images were sold out shortly after release and all of Dyke’s limited editions are now actively sought after by collectors.


Since the sale of his first painting, Dyke’s career has been an unqualified success. Dyke’s art has hung in the White House and in the homes of such distinguished personalities as Steve Allen, Shirley Jones, Vincent Price and Billy Graham. His work has also hung in the Vatican. At the personal request of Pope John Paul II, Larry Dyke Painted “Sharing the Faith”, a tribute to the long and important role of the Church in America.

Yet, even with all the accolades for his original art as well as the immense demand for his limited edition prints, Larry Dyke continues to reach inside to strive for the excellence he sees in the natural world around him. “I believe my life and career have been guided by a commitment to my faith,” Dyke says. “It has instilled in me a determination to develop my talent to the fullest.”





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