Canyon shadows-Coyote by Lindsey Foggett (Framed/Consigned)

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Canyon Shadows by Lindsey Foggett-Framed Consignment print.


Canyon Shadows by Lindsey Foggett

This was a commissioned painting by a veterinarian, who expressed a wish for a coyote. With Native American Petroglyphs, remnants of a dwelling & pottery shards.  I wanted to subtly blend these historic elements into their surrounding natural environment so that the more you looked, the more you discovered.


Lithograph on paper – Framed as shown Edition Size 475 (25 AP’s) Image Size: 22”  x 26”

Lindsey Foggett’s future seemed determined from a very early age. Growing up in a small village in the heart of the English countryside, she soon developed a love and fascination for wildlife and nature. Encouraged by two artistically talented parents, her passion to paint and study wildlife was to evolve into a lifelong career. Self-taught, Lindsey paints primarily with acrylic, and occasionally gouache, and has painted full time for 33 years. She works in a natural, detailed style, striving to portray not only realism, but also to capture the mood and personality of the animals.  Her work focuses in on North American predatory animals, showing not only their  powerful intense nature but also their gentle, nurturing, softer side.

To obtain reference for her work, she has traveled throughout much of North America,  where she observes, sketches and photographs wildlife within their natural habitat. Research trips have included extended canoeing expeditions into remote wilderness areas. One such trip entailed a 170 mile journey along the George River, in Northern Quebec, Canada, to the Arctic Ocean. Wittnessing caribou herds, black bear and birds by day and the northern lights by night.

Currently residing in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California, she has an abundance of reference for new paintings. Local trails into the wilderness surround her home, where bears, mountain lions, bobcats, deer, raccoons, coyotes and many other animals are frequently sighted. San Gorgonio Gallery is owned by Lindsey and displays her work, in downtown Forest Falls, California.

Lindsey’s work has been exhibited in shows and galleries throughout the United States and internationally in Hong Kong and Mayfair, London. Shows in the United States include the Southeastern Wildlife Expo, SC, Arts for Parks Top 100, Nature Works, Tulsa, OK, Art of The Animal Kingdom, Bennington, VT. Lindsey has been featured artist in the Florida Wildlife Expo, FL (2000), Wonders of Nature, Fallbrook, CA (2000), Wildlife Art Festival, San Bernardino, CA (1997, 2009), Southeastern Invitational Miniature Show, Germanton, NC (2002). Lindsey is a signature member of both The Society of Animal Artists and Artists for Conservation.

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Framed art print-consigned

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