Good Memories by Nenad Mirkovich

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Nenad Mirkovich has created several nostalgic musical artworks among his long list of images. This print entitled “Good Memories” is a warm and intimate portrait of older musicians playing in a string quartet together presumably for a reunion or farewell concert. The print is 28″ x 21″ and is limited to 750 signed and numbered prints.

The man whose first name means “surprise” in his native language delivers that element in his paintings of tranquil landscapes, crashing coastlines, peaceful symphonies and energetic jazz bands. Collectors of all ages and of varied lifestyles find something in the diverse repertoire of Nenad Mirkovich to delight the senses. He delights himself with the reNenadMirkovichactions of viewers when they discover that the same talented artist painted all these scenes.

Nenad Mirkovich says the varied subject matter and styles he uses in his work are not so different as they first seem, however. His paintings comprise juxtapositions of opposites—high drama with peaceful beauty, darkness and shadow with light and sunshine, movement with quiet. In a face or in a landscape, the elements that provide the surprise are much the same.

Born in Belgrade in 1951, Mirkovich has made his home in Houston, Texas, since 1985. He began painting and drawing as a young child, and his background as a portrait painter and magazine illustrator in Yugoslavia helped him to develop his varied styles, says his wife Donna.

His passions—besides painting—are fishing and cooking. He owns more than 150 fishing rods, makes his own lures and “can sit in a boat for hours and hours, pulling out fish,” Donna says. He also is a gourmet cook, and has developed a favorite dish he calls “Nenad Chicken.”In_The_Mood

A fourth passion is music, which Mirkovich often combinesNenadMirkovich-YoungatHeart with his art. Working mostly at night, Mirkovich paints with music playing in the background, usually jazz or classical pieces. Often, also, there is music on his canvas; musicians and musical groups are favorite themes.

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