Homecoming triptych by Jarrett Holderby

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This 3 panel artwork featuring orcas in Prince William Sound was created by wildlife and landscape artist Jarrett Holderby. Each image is 24″ x 29″ and is sold as a set for the reduced price of $300. The edition includes only 500 prints and each print is indiviually signed and numbered. Click the image to view all 3 panels. We have a framed set presented in a black wood frame also available in the gallery.  See Link.

Holderby_JarrettMy background is originally in traditional art, both fine art and commercial, and I’ve been a full-time professional artist since 1981. I have 23 years experience as a full-time professional artist/illustrator, with 9 of those years spent working as in the digital arena. I worked for seven years as an artist in the computer game industry. I work in both 2d and 3d. Though I do have experience working in management as an art director, I think my real passion is to create the work rather than to manage.

As an artist while at SquareSoft Game Development I created illustrations for in-game use and background art. While at CaveDog Games I created texture maps, victory screens, package design and fine art for promotional use by the Marketing department. I’m an experienced architectural illustrator who uses traditional art tools and AutoCAD. In operating my own business as an independent contract artist, I creat original watercolor, acrylic and oil paintings for both private and corporate clients. Additional experience includes art for printed media including posters, textiles, book and magazine covers, art for advertising, art for music CD’s and concept art used as visual aids for meet and greets between production teams and investors.

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