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Traveling throughout the United States and in Europe with my Canon 5D camera is the refreshing opportunity and adventure of my life!  I randomly search for color and textures and sights and beauty in architecture, alleys, walls, gardens and any where I can walk.
As a native Oregonian growing up in the 1950’s I shot landscape images with a box camera.   A Kodak developer kit – a gift from my parents introduced me to processing and printing film.  I received classic darkroom training in Oregon City’s Junior High School. It was also a place in which I was teased for shooting compositions “like a professional.”I set aside my camera – except for family photos – and for the next 40 years moved through life as a teacher, counselor and businessman.  Several years ago, as digital cameras were being introduced, I rediscovered an old cigar box full of my grainy, high school era black and white  2” x 2” images.  I realized I wished to capture images again.  And, thus, I purchased my first digital camera – a high-end Olympus 2500 – with what, at the time, was an amazing 2.5 megapixels!  The camera reawakened my desire to capture and print what my eyes could see!
Today my “darkroom” is my computer…. It’s where I process the captured images.  When processing digitally, I retain the integrity of the captured composition of what my eyes have seen.   I “pull out” the digital information of contrasting vivid colors and real life textures.  These images are eventually printed with archival inks on acid-free paper at my Salem, Oregon, studio.    Metal prints require the inks be baked, therefore, embedded into the coated aluminum. This process gives the metal image a vibrant, dimensional and translucent feel.  
The images on display represent my travels and my wanderings.  Some of the images come from planned travels.  Most come from unplanned surprises and unexpected sights while meandering in a rural town, or a back street, along the ocean or in the hills – or something I see while driving.  It’s often a spontaneous composition with uncommon beauty that shows itself for just a brief minute.  And sometimes, if I have my camera with me, I’m just lucky enough to capture that moment!

Current commercial locations:    Boulder Creek South Medical—Oregon State Hospital Marriott Residence Inn (PDX)—Corban University—Broadway Commons.


Neskowin swamp trees
For More of Ron’s WorkThe sun celebrating the life of a Juniper tree (central Oregon)

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