Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to help you understand more about what we offer and services that we don’t provide here at the gallery.

If you have other questions that aren’t addressed here, please contact the gallery.

Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does the gallery buy artwork from customers?

Answer:  Generally, the gallery buys artwork only from the publishers, artists and distributors. Exceptions may include some of our featured artists’ work needed for shows and exhibits or trade-in arrangements for our in-stock artwork.  If you have a specific item you’d like to sell, you can always contact us via e-mail and we’ll try to advise you as to the best course of action. We have a published article you can check out here on What to do with “Old Art.”  You can always list your artwork with us on our website consignment gallery. 

  1. Does the gallery consign artwork from customers?

Answer:  We are open to consignments providing that the artwork is by  an artist or publisher that we feature in the gallery. Artwork must fit in nicely with the current themes and direction of the gallery. The gallery is very limited on available wall-space as the store is dedicating most of the displays to original artwork by local artists. All consignments must be approved by either the gallery manager or owner after thorough examination for authenticity and quality of art & framing.  The gallery’s private consignment rate is 50% of the sales price(A printable consignment agreement is available upon request). Any in-store consignments will be on a three-month term contract.

We also have a convenient online consignment program which allows you to sell your artwork through our website.  Listings cost $10 per item and only 20% of the consigned value and remain on the site until the item(s) sell.  Check this out HERE

  1. I’m an do I get my work into the gallery?

Answer: We feature Northwest artists on a regular basis in our Gallery 444 showroom. We welcome new artists to our monthly schedule every year.   Artists that are interested in showing their work with the gallery need to make an appointment with our general manager. Each artist must bring 2-3 samples of their work and additional images on disc, along with a current artist biography. Shows are usually scheduled 6 months to 1 year ahead.

In addition to the larger monthly showings, we have now added a Featured Artist Showcase presenting up to 10 artists at a time in a 2-3 month limited display-(5-10 pieces).  The guidelines for submission are similar to the gallery 444 shows and details for this program can be found on our Featured Artists Page. Smaller displays can be made available in the gallery for introducing new artists by special arrangement.

We also have several group shows and invitational juried showings available for artists who may not have the body of work needed for a large-scale show. We encourage our artists to join local art groups like Artists in Action and other specific art media groups.

  1. Do you do appraisals on artwork?

Answer:  We are not certified as appraisers at the gallery but we have connections with several qualified experts. We know people knowledgable in original artwork, vintage prints and other media.   If you aren’t sure if what you have is an original or reproduction, we will be happy to take a look at what you have and provide information for you to the best of our ability.  There is a list of a few qualified appraisers HERE

We can generally find print values on contemporary limited edition prints or at least point you in the right direction.  We base most of our evaluations on information gathered from wholesale journals, gallery and internet prices & market trends.  If you need a cover letter appraisal for insurance or estate purposes for this type of print collection, we can usually provide these for a nominal fee.

  1. Do you accept offers on the artwork in the gallery?

Answer:  We will entertain offers on any in-stock artwork in the gallery.  We have our Super Value Pricing on all of our in-stock framed art posted throughout the gallery. On larger purchases, we can be more flexible on our pricing.  Exceptions include consigned artwork, featured artists’ originals and purchases made with Half-Price Oregon or other discount certificates/offers.

  1. What is your return policy on artwork purchases?

Answer:  We want to be happy with all the art you buy from the gallery.  We are happy to accept returns on in-stock artworks purchased at our store within the first week.  Consigned artworks purchased through the gallery may not be returned as we compensate our artists within days of your purchase.  Returns are generally offered as exchange or gallery credit but are handled on a case by case basis through our gallery owner.

We have an approval process available through which you can preview the artwork in your home or office for 48 hours with a secure credit card approval.

We don’t offer returns on custom framing  but we do stand behind our designs and will make whatever reasonable adjustments necessary to correct or refine your framing to your satisfaction.

  1. Do you have a layaway/installment plan?

Answer:  We can arrange an in-store 3-month payment plan for purchases over $200.  Usually, this involves a 1/3 deposit to start the program.  We have a standardized contract with payment dates and other information included.  We accept all major credit cards and payments on these programs can be made via phone.

  1. Do you offer framing discounts to artists, seniors, students & non-profit groups?

Answer: We have been working to refine out offerings for these groups.  We try to be sensitive to the budget restrictions of our clients.   We will make every effort to work within your budget and make suggestions to keep your projects cost-effective. We offer special discounts on our in-stock framing and matting on a year-round basis, plus our Economy Metal Program and Custom Readymades.  We can also arrange for 3-month payment plans on custom framing projects above $200. 

  1. Are your prices competitive with other frame shops & do you price-match?

Answer: We make every effort to keep our prices competitive with other local shops.  Product for product, our custom order pricing should equal any other reputable framing business in the Northwest.  We will price match any written estimate from other Northwest shops as long as we can get the same or comparable product.  We will not compromise the design, safety and longevity of your artwork merely for the sake of cost.

In most cases, we can meet or beat other stores’ prices with our in-stock framing/matting program, economy metal frames & Frame It Fast selections.  We will make every effort to keep your project budget friendly while using the very best materials and design elements to enhance each piece.  Visit our Super Value Framing page for our gallery framing brochure.

  1. Do you donate artwork to charities and fund-raising efforts?

Answer: Our preferred donation method is to provide gallery gift certificates to support our local groups.  As a rule, we don’t buy ads or sponsor events through cash or product donations.  We are very involved in our local community and host a yearly school supply drive, a canned food promotion and other seasonal fund-raising efforts for the local groups we support through our cause-marketing program.